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Diggian Renovation Inc. is a fully licensed and insured home improvement contractor located in Baltimore, Maryland (MHIC # 124976). The company is owned by husband and wife, David and Jennifer Dagdigian. Tim Miller, brother of Jennifer, is a full time lead carpenter and craftsman working with the help of an assistant. Together with skilled local subcontractors Diggian Renovation strives to provide the highest quality traditional craftsmanship in home renovation.

In our work, craftsmanship is essential. In modern construction, detail is often sacrificed for speed. Many of the homes and buildings in Baltimore were built with beautiful architectural details that are rarely duplicated in modern construction. Although we have experience working on modern homes, Diggian Renovation Inc. specializes in the repair and renovation of these older homes.

Diggian Renovation prides itself in clean worksites. When a worksite is also an occupied home, cleanliness is essential. Diggian Renovation is an EPA certified firm under the EPA's RRP rule (Certification # NAT-25285-1). This means that we are aware of the potential dangers of renovation in an occupied home that contains lead-based paint. Lead exposure has been found to cause a range of health issues from behavior problems and learning disabilities, to seizures and, in extreme cases, death. We use lead-safe work practices to minimize and contain lead dust in the work area, and we verify that the work area is clean post-renovation.

Diggian Renovation operates from two locations, a home office located in the Mt. Washington neighborhood of Baltimore City, and a workshop located in the Remington neighborhood, also in Baltimore City.



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